Animal Details
2Yrs 3Wks old Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 57 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Canela is a sweet, low-key pitty girl. She has been through a lot recently (she was hit by a car that resulted in removing one of her eyes and losing most of the eyesight in the other). But she isn't letting that get her down. Canela happily goes on walks with a handler and other dogs. She enjoys sniffing around and learning how to live her best life even without vision. Each new environment that Canela enters she needs a little time to map out and quickly she is comfortable to roam around without issues.

History: Canela came to us from another shelter after she was hit by a car.

Dog/Cat skills: Canela has a history of having lived with other dogs. Now that she is learning to navigate her new world by just sounds and smells she can be little tentative around forward dogs at fisrt but she warms up quick and will peacefully co-exist in the same space with other calm and polite dogs. Once settled, she will happily play and follow them around... as best she can. She may benefit from a confident canine role model in the home.
We don't have a history on Canela around cats.

Leash skills: Canela walks nicely on leash and enjoys slow walks where she can sniff her surroundings.

Medical: Blindness. Canela presented with trauma to her head, especially on the left side, and her left eye had to be removed. She also has significant vision impairment and appears to be blind in her right eye. It is unknown if she was born this way or acquired as part of her head trauma. Blind dogs can do very well in a stable environment and with a committed owner. Canela currently is being treated for an ear infection in her RIGHT ear caused by a yeast organism called malassezia. We have applied a medication into each ear to treat this infection. The medication will remain in the ears for 14 days and then should be followed by a recheck with your veterinarian. Ear infections are common in dogs and might require regular maintenance.

Come to our Milpitas Animal Community Center (ACC) between 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. any day of the week and meet Canela!