Animal Details
3Yrs 2Wks old Small Crossbreed Mix
Weight: 6.1 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Banjo is a timid, quirky boy that needs some time to settle in when he's around new people and places. Once he is comfortable, he will happily follow you around and chat about the treats he would love for you to give him. When transitioning, Banjo does best with space and time to adjust before being handled. If uncomfortable, he will give clear warning signs that he wants to move away. In a quiet, experienced home with time to adjust and a confident dog role model, Banjo will seek out his people and show his playful, silly self. He would do best in an adult household with experience helping shy dogs gain confidence.

History: Banjo came to us from another shelter.

Dog/Cat skills: Banjo does well with other small, calm dogs and can get overwhelmed around forward and rowdy dogs. In the other shelter Banjo was co-housed with a small dog and they did well together. Banjo will likely benefit from having a confident, calm canine role model in the home. We have no history on how he is around cats.

Leash skills: Banjo needs to learn how to walk on leash. He can be tentative or yelp if there is a leash tension and the collar tightens around his neck. He will benefit from having access to an enclosed yard for leash and potty training.

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