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Animal Details
1Yrs 5Mths old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Elena is feisty. She instigates play and roughhousing. Elena is the fastest runner, and she's agile. When playing "hide and seek," she tricks our 70 lb. pit dog about where she is. She is curious, attentive, alert, intelligent, and a playful puppy. She makes eye contact and holds it. She maintains a high level of excitement until she has some time to unwind. At times, it's like she is trying to talk to you - yaw yaw yaw... not bark bark bark. She is a "watch puppy." If she hears a strange noise at night, she is on alert, and she'll bark. Then she settles back to sleep. In the morning she will be so happy to see you.
We fostered Elena with two siblings. We have two 70 lb pit/shephard/husky mixes. We have posted videos on FB, one with Elena (as the primary instigator) and siblings dog piling on our 70 lb. pit! She has seen our cats but is not interested in them. Elena is wary of new people but warms up quickly with the help of a calm voice, slow movements and treats. She has been introduced to adults and teens with no problems. I like feeding her and watching her enthusiasm when eating, and she likes to eat. When I am gardening, she follows me around and gets "in the way," sniffing around, nonchalantly. Then she finds something else to investigate. She will eat your fruits and vegetables from the garden if she can reach them! I like Elena's face, her quickness, and agility. Elena is curious, and she'll entertain herself with a toy, or some other object she's found interesting, or she'll roughhouse with a sibling or our 70 lb pit. She is eager to learn and quickly figured out her name, "come" and "sit" because there were doggy treats involved!