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Animal Details
14Yrs 6Mths old Chihuahua Mix
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
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My adoption fee has been waived and my care has been sponsored by Wenjing Cao!

Personality: Cricket is a loving, quirky, old man who enjoys lap time more than anyone! As an older gent, he appreciates leisure strolls around the neighborhood and a quiet home. Cricket is very affectionate but his one request is to not be picked up. He likes all four paws on the ground. So bring him some petting and a lap on his level and he is all yours.

History: Cricket has met children in his previous home, but was nervous around lots of activity. He did well in a low key adult household.

Dog/Cat Skills: Cricket met dogs and cats in his previous home. He prefers mellow, calm interactions. He also participates in playgroup at HSSV, and has shown to be a peaceful co-exister. He will politely greet and explore the yard, and has corrected rude or rowdy behavior. Cricket may guard laps when near other dogs.

Leash Skills: Cricket walks politely on leash and enjoys walks.

Medical: Cricket has arthritis of the spine that does not appear to cause significant pain or changes in his gait (the way he walks). We have temporarily placed him on a pain medication called Metacam in case of any minor discomfort. The adopting family may see that he is reluctant to jump in and out of the car and may need to be assisted with care. Cricket also has a ruptured ear drum. It was damaged most likely as a result of the grass awn migrating through the ear canal and into the ear drum. Ideally, we would treat Cricket with topical ear medication, however, Cricket is not ready for that type of handling, so he is getting 10 days of an oral antibiotic. At the end of the two weeks, an otoscopic examination by a veterinarian is recommended to determine if further treatment may be needed.