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Animal Details
11Yrs 6Mths 1Wks old Small Crossbreed Mix
Weight: 14.8 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Sally is very cuddly and calm. She appears to be partially blind, so sniffing on walks provided great enrichment. She did not play with toys, and was quite happy just hanging out on the couch and getting pets. She also did not beg for food and was not very treat motivated, but she was very excited for dinner time. When we were away, she did appear sad. When contained into a small room, she scratched at the door, but when allowed free reign, she did not have that reaction. She voiced her sadness when no one was home, so she may benefit from a cat or dog friend to keep her from being lonely. As time went on, she was less vocal, so with patience and training, she may also be fine on her own. Sally is very tolerant. She was bathed and had a treatment applied to her feet while in the foster home. These things can be stressful for dogs and she didn't mind at all.
Did your foster live with any other animals while in your home? List the animal types and your foster's behavior around them.: Sally did not have any pet friends during her foster visit, but while on walks, she met a few dogs. She really liked small calm dogs but could be scared by large rambunctious dogs. She met a few cats on our walks as well but had no reaction.
What was your foster's behavior when meeting new people and children? Please include the children's ages when possible.: Sally loves babies. She met a 4 week old baby during her stay and wouldn't leave his side. When he cried, she would check on him. She also seems to like young children, but with her limited vision, sudden movements startle her. She would likely do very well in a home with children who understand her limitations.
What is something you and your foster enjoy doing together? Sally loved cuddles on the bed in the morning. She was hesitant to jump onto the bed when she first visited, so I expect she could be okay with not being allowed on the bed, but if allowed, she would gladly hang out in bed with her human for hours.
What is your favorite thing about your foster? Do they have endearing quirks or personality traits that you will miss? Sally was so lovely. She was happy, wiggly, and sweet. We couldn't have asked for more loving foster dog.