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Animal Details
9Yrs 2Mths 1Wks old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Tara is a sweet, easygoing lady. She loves to interact with people and will lean in and gently ask for pets. She can be playful at times and loved to play with and chase her foster family around. She mellows out quickly and enjoys laying near the window and watching the world go by. Tara's foster family noted that she's very smart and learns quickly. In her foster home, she did well being left alone.

History: Tara came to us from a shelter in the Central Valley.

Dog skills: Tara prefers to peacefully coexist with other dogs. She is friendly in greeting, relaxed around them, and prefers to explore the yard on her own doing playgroup. She can become tense when other dogs are too forward with her, and will move away from them. In her foster home, she did well with the foster family's older dog, and overall does well with low-key dogs.

Cat skills: We do not have a history of Tara with cats.

Leash skills: Tara walks nicely on leash and enjoys slowly exploring her environment.

Medical: Tara has poor tooth enamel, which will make her more prone to dental disease. She recently received a dental cleaning, and unhealthy teeth were removed. She will need regular dental care to keep her teeth healthy in the future.

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