Animal Details
4Yrs 2Mths 3Wks old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Foster Home
About me
Personality: Gemma is a playful, energetic, sweet dog who needs encouragement when meeting new people. She can be timid at first with unfamiliar faces and places. She needs a low key, experienced, adult home environment that can give her time to adjust and build up her confidence. Once she is comfortable with people, she is wiggly and playful.

History: Gemma has been house trained and done very well adjusting to an adult quiet household environment. She has struggled the most exploring outside of the home. A busy environment with lots of foot traffic, dogs, cats, etc. have been overwhelming for Gemma in the past and she may bark and pull on leash in fear. She has shown discomfort around young kids and fast movements.

Dog Skills: Participates in play group at HSSV regularly. On leash and through barriers she can get very excited at the site of other dogs. Gemma is required to go home with a confident canine role model.

Cats Skills: Will bark and pull at at the end of the leash at the site of cats.

Leash Skills: Tentative on leash at first. Once comfortable, she will pull on leash. Has walked well on a harness and gentle leader in the past.

Medical: Gemma has no known medical concerns and is considered healthy.

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