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Animal Details
1Yrs 4Mths old Shepherd Mix
Weight: 56 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Chandler is a high energy, excitable boy! He loves to run around and play, and is still learning his manners as he can be jumpy and mouthy. He is a very active dog who loves going for runs, hikes, and would do great with training classes because he is food motivated and very smart.

History: Chandler was adopted from us previously. The family felt that he needed an adult household that could work to manage his high energy behaviors so he was returned to our care.

Dog Skills: Chandler loves to play with other dogs. He greets other dogs in a forward manner but then enjoys playing chase and wrestling. He can be vocal and does best with tolerant, social dogs that can handle his bossy play style. Chandler is currently cohoused with Rex for enrichment and to give him an outlet for his energetic behavior

Cat Skills: We do not have a history of Chandler being around cats.

Leash Skills: Chandler pulls on leash and benefits from a walking harness.

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