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Animal Details
8Yrs 5Mths 3Wks (approx) old Small Terrier Cross Mix
Weight: 13.28 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Charlie is a smart and brave senior dog. Charlie is reliably housebroken. At his foster home, he has been on a regular routine with his walk. 1) early morning right after he wakes up, 2) late afternoon/evening before the sun goes down. He also has a toilet spot in the backyard and uses the place in the afternoon while he's at home. He has four dog beds and one of them is a crate. He has used the crate for his sleeping bed at night time. The crate door is always left open. Charlie has been left home alone for around 2 hours, with no issue. He may be alone longer than 2 hours, but he hasn't experienced it yet since his foster works from home. He hasn't shown any separation anxiety issues. He was shy when meeting new people and when first going into his foster home. Now that he's more comfortable he enjoys going for walks.

Dog Skills: Charlie may be shy with new dogs but enjoys the company of peaceful coexisters.

Cat Skills: Charlie did well with the cat in his foster home but sometimes chased birds.

Leash Skills: When Charlie first went into his foster home he was afraid to walk on a leash. The longer he's been in the foster home the more confident he's become and the more he is enjoying going for walks.

Medical: Charlie may have allergies to common things in his environment such as pollens, grasses, and dust mites. As a response to these allergies, dogs with this condition tend to develop itchy skin and ear infections. We have treated him with an injection called Cytopoint that targets the proteins that cause itching and he has responded very well. We recommend that his adopter visits a vet within two weeks of adoption to discuss further care.

Charlie had a dental cleaning recently at HSSV. The teeth were evaluated for fractures and periodontal disease. Teeth that were determined to be unhealthy were removed. Dental care is an on-going process that will need to be addressed for the life of this patient.

Charlie also has luxating patella's. This means that his knee cap on the right hind leg may spontaneously pop out of place, resulting in lameness and pain. At this time, his luxating patella is a Grade 1 out of 4 (where 1 is the least severe and 4 is the most severe). This means that the knee cap is loose and may move in and out of place spontaneously as he walks. Typically, dogs with luxating patellae walk normally until the patella moves out of place and then hop or skip for a few steps until it spontaneously returns to normal position. He is not on any medication for this condition currently. I am sponsored by Ginger Jiang!

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