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Animal Details
Bianca Bear
4Mths (approx) old Hamster Mix
Sex: Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
I'm an adorable little ball of fur looking for a family who will adore me as much as my foster mom does. She thinks we look and act like tiny little bears. We love to explore, climb & tunnel through our bedding & redoing our nests. Beware! We are escape artists.

Syrian Hamsters are larger, slower moving, more laid back and easier to handle than the dwarf hamster breeds. Even so, they can still move very fast.

Adult Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and must be housed on their own. They are nocturnal spending most of the day sleeping and become active at night. A 40 gallon long aquarium with a mesh top or equivalent is good. Hamsters love to roam and explore!

A hamster wheel or hamster ball are great for exercise & entertainment for a Syrian hamster. In the wild, hamsters may run up to 6 miles a day.

*No wire bottom cages or wire wheels please, as they can damage the hamsters feet.

To ease the stress of the transition, we recommend you purchase and completely set up your hamster enclosure with bedding, hideout, food and water before welcoming your new little buddy home.

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