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Animal Details
11Yrs 1Mths old Small Crossbreed Mix
Weight: 10.53 kg
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Leah is a sweet shy girl who may need signifigant time to warm up to new people. She is a velcro dog who will bond strongly to one person and prefers to stay by her person's side at all times. Leah would do best in a quiet, mature adult household. Ideally someone who is home most of the day and wants a constant companion by their side, or has a polite canine companion who can keep her company when left alone. Leah will need time to adjust to a new home environment. Once she bonds with someone, she is the ultimate cuddler. Leah enjoys laying on the couch by her person. She especially loves laying in bed with her favorite person and watching Netflix. Sleeping in the bed is a must. On a consistent schedule, Leah has shown to be very potty trained. She has also had some crate training in her foster home.

History: Leah was an owner surrender. In her previous home she lived the majority of her life very loved and spoiled by her one special person. Her previous home was a quiet adult home where her owner was retired and had a lot of time to spend with her. This is the environment she does best in.

Dog Skills: Leah has been co-housed while at our shelter with another quiet polite small dog without issue. She has also participated in small dog playgroup with several other dogs and currently lives successfully in an experienced foster home with three other small dogs. Leah does best with polite dogs who do not invade her space. She may give appropriate corrections to very rude or forward dogs. Leah has not met large dogs and most likely would be overwhelmed by large dog play styles.

Cats Skills: Leah will bark and attempt to chase cats when she has seen them at her foster home and at the shelter

Leash Skills: Leah needs time to learn to trust a new person, and may be tentative with leashing initially. Once she has bonded to a person she will approach for leashing and walks well on leash. She enjoys multiple neighborhood walks daily. She does startle easily at loud noises including fireworks, large crowds and small children

Medical: Luxating Patella, Periodontal Disease (post Dental Cleaning), Repaired Prolapsed gland of the nictitating membrane. This dog had a condition called a prolapsed gland of the membrane or "cherry eye" in her right eye (Post repair. Please ask Adoption Counselor for more information and medical waivers.

Post-adoption scholarship sponsored by Pedigree Foundation.

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