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Animal Details
4Mths 2Wks old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Hi there! My name is Emmylou. I'm a Torbie and my mom says that means I'm unique and beautiful! She also says I have a sweet little meow and an adorable "happy" tail. I curl the tip of my tail when I feel cheerful. Some might say I'm a little shy, but I'm really starting to feel brave about the world. I love getting chin rubs and back scratches. I don't like sharing my toys with my siblings, so I sometimes give them a little growl to let them know it's still my turn! I have three adult cats in my foster family and two kids. The cats are very interesting and I like to follow them. The kids have learned how to give me back scratches so I love their love. I hope you will ask to meet me. My foster mom says I am the perfect cat!
How does your cat react when being held? How does your cat feel about being picked up? She will tolerate it for a short time and then likes to be set down. She is learning the benefits of snuggles and pets from humans.
How do they play with you? Emmylou's is favorite toy is a mouse! She is possessive of them and growls when a sibling tries to take it from her. :) She also loves wand toys and crinkle balls.
What is their behavior like with new people and/or children? : She is a little shy/cautious, but once she sees the person is going to give her love and attention she is fine.
What is their behavior like with other animals? She is interested in our three adult cats and will follow them and watch them. She doesn't seem afraid of them at all.
What kind of litter box setup did you have for your cat? How would you describe their success using the litter box? We have two litter boxes set up in the kittens' space. They love to dig and throw the litter, so I am now using Yesterday's News paper pellets. It's a little neater. Emmylou has never had an accident! She's a great litter box user!
Is there anything else that you would like the new adopter to know about this cat, such as any special tricks or adorable traits? Emmylou has just started making these adorable little trill sounds. She was shy and now really enjoys us, as she feels more comfortable in our house. She is the cutest sleeper and sprawls out to use up lots of space, even though she's little. She loves watching the fish in our fish tank. It took me by surprise when I realized it was her who was growling when two or more kittens were trying to play with the same toys. She loves her toys and doesn't like to share them. :)