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Animal Details
5Mths 2Wks old Domestic Medium Hair Mix
Weight: 1.88 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Regina is a free spirit or a coexister, a rambunctious kitten who loves her sister Janice and grown up foster cats.

Regina was fostered together with her kitten sister Janice and was very happy to be with our grown cats. Regina immediately relaxed when she saw the big cats and purrs so loudly when they groom her. Regina was fine after a few minutes after meeting one calm young man but she went into hiding after meeting two people who were wearing masks. After being wrapped in a towel and fed off their laps she was soon playing and relaxed, again.

Regina is an excellent kitten soccer player and bats little toys around the room expertly. he's a good climber and has adventured to all sorts of interesting places. Regina has some tricks. She can jump up onto a table and then pick a little catnip mouse toy out of a little box, and run off with it! She can stand up on their hind legs for food if the food is smelly enough and held above their head, and will eat treats out of your hand.

Regina can only hold one thought in her mind at a time so she can be distracted from fear of a new person by playing or by food! This is adorable and helps her adapt to new people and places. Regina is a wonderfully fluffy soft kitten. We will miss her loud purrs!