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Animal Details
2Yrs 1Mths old Catahoula Leopard Mix
Size: Small
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality: Rosie is a smart, shy girl who blossoms around other dogs. She knows lots of tricks, including sit, watch me, down, stand, leave it, wait, off, and touch. Rosie loves to play fetch and bury bones in the yard. She can startle when she hears loud noises, but can be easily calmed down using focus exercises like "watch me". Rosie does well when left alone, and will play with her toys and take naps. Rosie prefers to take her time to meet people and may be tentative, but does warm up after gentle introductions.

History: Rosie has lived with adults and seniors, as well as another dog whom she enjoyed playing with. In her previous home, she was crate-trained and would go in her crate while her humans were cooking or eating. She preferred to sleep on her person's bed at night, and did well being left alone both indoors and outdoors as long as she was given toys to keep her occupied.

Dog Skills: Rosie has a rowdy play style, and gets along great with other rowdy, playful dogs. She has participated in play groups with us and does best when matched with dogs with similar play styles.

Cat Skills: Rosie does not have a history of living with cats, but her previous owners noted that she has met a cat nose to nose while on leash with no issues.

Leash Skills: Rosie pulls on leash, and does better when she's wearing her sensation harness. She may try to chase birds and squirrels, but can be redirected with treats.