Animal Details
8Yrs 6Mths 1Wks (approx) old German Shepherd Mix
Weight: 82.6 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Callie's adoption fee has been generously sponsored by an admirer, so her adoption fee is waived! Her care has been sponsored by Gianna Fote, Sophie Getz, Ryan Stefani, YiChing Chen and Roxanne Roxas!

Personality: Callie is a sweet, sweet girl looking for the right home who will accept her for who she is! She can be nervous meeting new people but once you are in Callie's friend circle, you will feel like the luckiest person ever! Everyone wants to be in Callie's orbit but only few are allowed in.

Callie is looking for a low key, adult only home with experience around managing dog with fear reactivity. She would love to live in a home with large enough back yard for daily sunbathing sessions and some play time as well as nice and quiet neighborhood where she can go on relaxing walks. A low key park nearby would be lovely too, she likes to spend time taking in all the new sights, sounds and smells.

Callie would do best in a home with one or two adults, no small children residing or visiting home, infrequent visitors and that is overall a laid back and relaxing household.

Callie has been at the shelter for a while now and while she has made herself at home here and made many friends, she would love to find a place of her own where she can bond with her person and live out her senior years being loved and spoiled with belly rubs, yummy treats and stress free life.

History: Callie came to us in January 2021 with a litter of her puppies. Once she was done raising her puppies in a foster home, she returned to HSSV and was soon adopted. She was returned 4 months later after showing fear behaviors towards a child in home and frequent visitors. Since returning in June 2021, she's shown great improvement daily and this sweet girl has proven that with patience, positive reinforcement (aka yummy treats) and consistency, her fearful behaviors can be managed.

Dog Skills: Callie can be picky about her dog friends and so far has only done well with young (2 years and under) male dogs her size that are loose and wiggly and don't take offense when she bosses them around. We believe that she would do best as an only dog where she doesn't have to share attention, toys or treats with anyone else.

Cat Skills: As a typical German Shepherd, Callie will chase cats so a home with no cats or other small animals is highly recommended.

Leash Skills: Callie walks great on leash but may pull when she sees a cat or a bird that she wants to chase. She is also working on, and getting better with, passing bicycles, scooters and joggers as long as her attention is re-directed with some focus exercises (sit, watch me) and yummy treats are involved.

Callie is part of our Diamond in the Ruff program and needs an appointment to be seen. Ready to meet her? Schedule an appointment