Buddy is no longer available for adoption.

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Animal Details
4Yrs 11Mths 4Wks old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 57.6 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Foster Home
About me
If you have ever met Buddy, then you will know that a soul mate doesn't have to have two legs. After a little bit of time, Buddy will be your ride or die companion who will pull his bed from across the room just to be closer to you. It doesn't matter if you are on a walk, getting snuggles or hanging out in the office Buddy doesn't need to be in your space, but he sure wants to be in your orbit.

Recently Buddy went on a beach adventure and was the best doggo. He loved playing in the ocean and getting zoomies, chasing his tennis ball, digging for treasures, and even pretending to be a mountain goat by climbing on the rocks. His parkour is pretty on point! The beach adventure ended with being wrapped up and cuddled in his beach towel, and getting all the love and kisses that could be piled on his sweet head.

In the office, Buddy is the model for what a good office dog should be. After some snuggles and belly rubs, he is quiet and relaxed, and is content to listen to your zoom meetings. He really is the best office mate and companion one could ever wish for.

Buddy is an Einstein for learning with his desire and ability to learn new things. He knows how to sit, wait, leave it, down, up, off and so much more! Mental activity and continuing to learn new things are just as important to Buddy as physical exercise.

When it comes to getting along with other dogs, Buddy is literally the leader of the pack. Buddy has been going on regular morning pack walks with up to five of his shelter pals daily and manages to make a new best friend each time. His pals right now are Moose, Kingston, and Koa. Buddy is not a big fan of our resident cat, but he is working on his manners. It's so amazing and fun to see how happy Buddy is on these walks. He brings so much energy and joy to his other dog pals.

Buddy is part of our Diamond in the Ruff program, so if you would like to meet your future soul mate you will need to schedule an appointment. He's waiting!

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Not only is my care sponsored by Miguel Jimenez and Barry Tomasini, but I am also available for a trial adoption so that we both can be sure about each other.