Animal Details
1Yrs 1Mths old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 59.2 lbs
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
I'm a staff favorite- my adoption fee is waived!

Logan is a curious teenager who is still learning what is and is not appropriate. He LOVES going on nature walks where he can collect pine-cones, branches and other fun natural enrichment. He also enjoys doing zoomies in the yard. He is a very athletic young dog who would benefit from going home to a physically active home with large breed dog experience. Logan would benefit from working with a trainer to learn his big boy manners. He is not a big fan of cuddles and petting, he prefers outdoorsy adventures to keep his busy mind happy. Logan would make the perfect hiking buddy! Logan has also started to learn some agility. He is very treat motivated and will literally jump through hoops to get to his yummy treats. In addition to basic obedience classes, Logan would really benefit from agility training.

Dog Skills: Logan didn't get a lot of time with other dogs in his formative months and doesn't quite know how to engage appropriately in play. He comes on very strong and could be too much for most dogs. Logan would do best with a very tolerant, playful dog who doesn't take offense easily. We highly recommend bringing your dog in to meet him to determine if it is the right match.

Cat Skills: Logan does focus on cats while on walks. He is learning to leave it while he is walking past outdoor cats.

Leash Skills: Pulls on leash. Would benefit from loose leash walking exercises and wearing a sensation, easy walk or freedom harness.