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Animal Details
4Yrs 7Mths 2Wks old German Shepherd Mix
Size: Large
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Personality:If you're looking for a new best friend, Max is the dog for you! He loves people and finds joy in everything. He loves snuggling, playing, and will work for hot dogs. Max appears to be house trained and already knows sit and down. He has moments where he becomes very playful and energetic, and then he becomes a total couch potato. Max will bark when someone knocks on the door but greets everyone enthusiastically. He sometimes will jump on people, but will give kisses. Max also loves to chase bubbles and play with plush squeaky toys. The thing Max loves the most in the world is to spend lots of time with his humans and give plenty of kisses. Max has been left home alone for up to two hours, he did scratch on the back of the door but once settling in has been fine alone.

History: Max has been living in an adult household with a yard where he can continue to work on training in a low key environment and finish his medical treatment.

Dog Skills: On leash max gets too frustrated and will bark and lunge at the end of the leash. Off leash Max can be forward in greeting, softens after initial greeting and then will explore the area. Once comfortable, he will slowly begin to engage dogs in play. He can become aroused with more physical play, and becomes very vocal and loud. He does best with dogs that tolerate his bossy, vocal play style, and so far has done best with female dogs.

Cats Skills: Max will chase cats and squirrels.

Leash Skills: Max loves a walk but does not need one every day. He pulls very hard on the leash but has done well with wearing a front clip harness. He gets very frustrated when he sees other dogs on leash at any distance and will bark and lunge hard. Foster parent currently chooses alternate walking routes or go at off hours when it's not too busy while she continues to work on training. He is on a training plan to help him learn to be calm at the sight of other dogs. Max has a training scholarship to help him continue to learn how to walk nicely on leash and remain calm at the sight of other dogs at a distance.

Medical: Max has a condition called Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosis (CLE), which is generalized hair loss and dark pigmented skin. He has been placed on an immune-modulating medication called Atopica (Cylcosporin) which he will likely need to be on long term. Due to his condition he will need to be protected from sun exposure, to prevent sun burns. We recommend that he wears sunscreen (formulated for dogs) on his exposed areas and that he wear a protective shirt or suit when he is in the sun and that his time in the sun is limited.

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