Animal Details
8Wks old Dwarf Hamster Mix
Sex: Male
Location: Foster Home
About me
Hi, I'm Flash.

I'm a tiny little guy with lots of energy. I sleep most of the day and run on my wheel at night. (In the wild, hamsters may run many miles a night.) I love to burrow in my soft bedding, as well as explore tubes, tunnels and toys in my enclosure. During the day I hide in my little igloo or in a cozy corner to nap. I also enjoy running in my hamster ball for about 10 minutes at a time. (Be sure to secure the lid with a piece of tape, so it doesn't accidently pop off))

These speedy little hamsters are wonderful pets and lots of fun to watch, but due to their small size they can be a bit harder to handle than the larger breeds of hamster. You can still safely socialize them in their enclosure or set up a separate socialization bin to prevent their escape or injury. Be patient, move your hand slowly and offer them a treat like a sunflower seed.

Their enclosure should be very secure, as they are escape artists & can squeeze through even the tiniest spaces. A 20 gallon "long" tank with a mesh top (purchased separately) would be ideal, provide lots of room to roam, is easy to keep clean and is less expensive than most small wire cages. Even bigger is better.

To ease the stress of the transition, purchase and completely set up the hamster enclosure and all needed items before welcoming your new little family member home.

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