Animal Details
1Yrs 10Mths 1Wks old Domestic Short Hair Mix
Size: Medium
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
About me
Personality: Cheeto is a super playful guy who enjoys multiple play sessions per day if you're up for it. He's great at supervising chores, sleeping while the TV blares, and jumping up high to catch his favorite wand toys during playtime. He gets really invested in play sessions, and can sometimes get mouthy if you stop paying attention to him during play so keep your eyes on this prize! Cheeto isn't a cuddle bug, but he's tolerant of being picked up and will do "drive-bys" where he'll rub against your legs affectionately.

History: Cheeto has been a sweet and spicy treat while in his foster home. His foster mom thinks he would do great with agility or clicker training to keep him entertained and mentally stimulated.

Cat/Dog Skills: This cheesy boy doesn't always get along well with others and would do best in a home with no other cats. Cheeto has no known history with dogs though, so we cannot say how he will react around them.

Medical (If Applicable): Cheeto has moderate gingivitis (inflammation of the tissues around the teeth). These cats can benefit from daily brushing of the teeth to remove the plaque if they'll tolerate it and from regular dental cleaning of the teeth by a veterinarian. The adopting family should have this condition monitored by their family veterinarian.

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