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Animal Details
5Mths old Medium Cross Breed Mix
Weight: 15.6 lbs
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Animal Community Center - Milpitas
I've been adopted!
About me
Stephanie is super sweet and a #1 shoe thief, so be ready to exchange a chew toy for your shoe. Barely as big as the shoe, she proudly prances off with shoe or slipper and poses like it is her conquest. She is funny, energetic, smart, kennel and house trained (if she has a dog door). She plays hard and rough with her siblings and our 4 year old 70 lb. pit mix, or she'll play alone with toys or just a stick she found. She loves squeaky toys and those hex "rollers" into which you put another soft toy. She takes regular naps and sleeps through the night. She prefers the "fuzzy" type cloth for bedding. We fostered Stephanie with her two siblings. We have posted videos on FB, one with Stephanie and siblings dog piling on our 70 lb. pit! Stephanie also loves "the chase" game our pit coaxes her into playing. She's seen cats but seems disinterested right now. Stephanie is very cautious about new people; however, if the new person is going to provide treats, she will warm up quickly. She has been around adults and teens with no problems.
I like watching her enthusiasm when eating, and she likes to eat. When I am gardening, she follows me around and gets "in the way," sniffing around, like she is "on point," but nonchalantly. She is eager to learn and knows her name, "sit", and "come". Stephanie now trusts us. She is resilient, having come far from her past harsh circumstances. She hopes to link up with a human/family/pack she can trust with patience and time to train and walk her everyday. Earn her trust, be kind, train her, and you will have a superdog. I will miss her big beautiful brown eyes watching me.

My care has been sponsored by Swetha Garimalla!